9th album, "Growth" coming along

Dustin is hard at work on the 9th album, "Growth". This next record involves a lot of synthesizer and drum machines. There is talk of a collaboration with Hazard of DNR Music group on one of the songs. The feeling on this album is very motivational, extremely passionate, and also unforgiving. The songs are loud, clear and very strong. Unlike the previous release, "Change", the progress of the album is very hush-hush. There will not be a whole lot of mp3s available or any sort of previews of the album that are not limited-time basis. There is likely to be a few more YouTube 48-hour previews and you can probably expect a single in the coming months. The full album is expected to be released in Bullmoose of greater Portland and online worldwide before the new year.

Impossible Studios, 814 Congress St, Portland ME