Humble (feat. Red Beard)

The guitars are a big part of this song, which like other songs, had many forms before they became the songs featured on "Change". First and foremost this song features lead guitar played by Mike Schermuly/"Red Beard" formerly of "Retro Grave". The guitar chords that are heard throughout the track were, before Schermuly got involved, programmed on a guitar patch inside FL Studio with the same Leslie-style effects setup, and when the recording was happening Beyette only was knowing that Mike had went away from the 7-Eleven to record the song in Pro Tools. When he came back Beyette was introduced to the dual guitar solos that you hear in the final track and coincidentally "humbled". The guitar solos that are heard in the song are Beyette playing underneath Schermuly. The one that Beyette wrote was actually, in one of the original versions, a falsetto singing part.

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