The Box

The Box, as stated and elaborated on by Beyette on a Facebook post, "it's not the SEX, it's not the wealth or lack of, it's not the the power or lack of, it's not the race, the evolutionary level, the religious affiliation, the political affiliation, the music taste or even the popularity of the box, it's THE BOX ITSELF". This song was written at Beyette's grandfather's South Portland, ME residence before his passing. One night in the sleeping hours during the cold winter, before making the "wealth" of friends at 7-Eleven, Beyette quietly escaped the bedroom with his Dean Playmate bass and started penning the lyrics along with playing the melody that was in his head on the bass. The vocal characteristic idea of the lyrics was to sound "British" for some reason, "like Bowie or Pink Floyd". This strange European characteristic was continued with the Keith Flint-style (from “The Prodigy”) screaming ending, which was exclusively used in the remix featured on Reverbnation, “this title of the song focuses on the three letter word that matters most in this song”. This song is the only song from the unreleased footage of the first Beyette show that wasn’t recorded due to a faulty battery.

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