Dustin Beyette

Keyboard, Synthesizer, Stylophone, Electric Bass, Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Drum Programming and Vocals

It all began with a strong visual sense
Dustin's entry into music was through interests in film. Originally getting a keyboard for the purpose of making music to play in the background in films, music seemed more accessible and less dependent on other people to make than the exhaustive organization he found to be required in filmmaking. He hasn't had any formal training in anything other than one semester in music theory class and a huge stack of books and magazines that cover instruments and music software and hardware. And listening to...a.....LOT.....of.....music.

A 'tooth' grew..."back"
Dustin used to be a part of a project called "Tooth". "Tooth" was the moniker he went with to put on his musical "albums". The name came from a doctored photo of the inside of his mouth that under total darkness all you could see was teeth, and he thought the results made what looked like a CD cover so in a style he put "TOOTH" on the top, "FRENZY" on the bottom, and when he started making music he remembered it and it became the cover to his first "Tooth" album, "Frenzy". Most of "Tooth"'s catalog is not available to the public, although there are some songs that are [possibly] floating around on old outdated servers. As "Tooth", Dustin wrote and composed six mostly instrumental albums/projects. The only one that was public/"marketed", the final 6th release, "In The Middle of the Road" was copied in 2001 with a descriptive insert and only a handful of songs that had accompanying vocals. Most of the albums were not distributed, even for free, but were more meant as practice until a video project was made that required music. Fact: There was a band in [Australia] that also shared the name. If you search the internet for MP3s however, you just might find some "Tooth" material. Just don't expect to bite in too deep.

Harder game, harder name
After the 6th album, the tone of the music became less goofy, but still curiously experimental and focused more on feelings. Dustin decided to record under his real full name and after a few years settled on just his last name after a recommendation from his cousin Travis. With each song having a assumed different genre, feeling and purpose, there was no constant beyond the effort of quality and the "Beyette" last name seemed the best fit, as "Tooth" had no real meaning, but only a complicated story.

Using only his Yamaha DJX keyboard, Dustin made some music with his friend Josh Kanter who was playing guitar and they made such ridiculously rockin' tracks as "Jammin' With Critter" and post game change, featured Josh's guitar on the 3rd instrumental project, "Noitatide" (Check out "Thirteen"). These days, Dustin has produced some of Kanter's more current music. Dustin also collaborated with Chris Brown/"Sideshow" of "View from The Noose". In high school, they were in a 4-piece band with Nick Morin and Annie Oberg called "Muckphobia". Chris was featured on the 6th "Tooth" Album, "In The Middle of the Road" on a song called "Nuba 55", over Beyette's bass, Chris is heard playing all guitar and singing and also wrote the memorable guitar solo. For "Noitatide" and "Editation", Dustin's 2nd and 3rd Beyette albums, Eddie Hernandez was featured as the studio drummer. Clips and samples of Eddie's drums are also found on "Rugged".

The origins of a very broad musical interest
Growing up Dustin listened to a lot of alternative rock and metal and bought a lot of film soundtracks. Rob Zombie, Garbage, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails and The Prodigy were a few bands he owned every CD of. Through soundtracks Dustin enjoyed the traditional orchestration instruments and a more advanced use of music theory to get across emotions without words. The works of Danny Elfman, Thomas Newman, John Williams and Alan Silvestri have been stated among his notable film music favorites. Since High School in the early 2000's, he has ran into a wide range of influence from other genres and has enjoyed the sounds and perspectives of acts such as Jamiroquai, Beck, Matt Awkward, Dr. Dre, Saul Williams, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin and even pop music "if the feeling was there."