Alternative, Instrumental, Electronic, Ambient, Industrial, Hip-Hop


Described by Beyette as a "Companion remix-disc for "Editation" with new songs as well as remixes from 'Editation'". As another soundtrack to your life and his, the instrumentals continued from Beyette with "Noitatide". It could be said that "Editation" was an attempt to "get positive, put on a smile and conform", and "Noitatide" was settling back into what was real and authentic for Beyette as he continued to practice songwriting, instrument arrangement and audio recording and engineering. A fresh addition to the tracks was longtime best friend and rock/blues guitarist/songwriter, Josh Kanter performing electric guitar on "Thirteen" (You can hear the track on the bottom of this page). During these sessions, Josh and Dustin also worked on five other collaborations, some of which were played live by Josh in a band called "Ostrofsky" in various gigs in Baltimore, Maryland. Beyette had always hungered to make rock music, but lack of financial responsibility kept his focus on writing better songs and less on buying music equipment. This kept his music very electronic until 2009's upcoming "rock" album, "Change". But no less authentic in heart and soul. While some songs "humiliatingly and lazily used royalty-free drum and guitar loops that weren't even chopped and screwed", other songs like "Worm (Piano and String Mix)", "The Baby with One Eye", "Le Tah V4" focused on transfer of emotion through music, something Beyette would get increasingly good at in the coming albums. "I feel good sometimes, and sometimes I feel bad. When the song brings the listener through one emotion to another, I think I've done my job as an effective music producer, the music is [unfortunately] electronic for now, but very full of real-to-life feelings". Completed in the months after moving to "the wretched place that is" Sanford, Maine, "Noitatide" bridged Beyette to a fresh new project, which started on May 10th, 2004, and would eventually be too big and sounds too conflicted for one album. When all was said and done, the more electronic side of the next album was completed as "Digitally Delicious", and the more heavier tracks in a collection called "Rugged".


Dustin Beyette - 01 - Welcome to the Noitatide
Dustin Beyette - 02 - Robot Love (Jungle Fashion Mix)
Dustin Beyette - 03 - Calm Winter Night

Dustin Beyette - 04 - Worm Digga
Dustin Beyette - 05 - The Baby With One Eye

Dustin Beyette - 06 - Why do People Fight?
Dustin Beyette - 07 - That Damn Splinter in my Bum
Dustin Beyette - 08 - (Extra) Sensitive (Head)
Dustin Beyette - 09 - Out There (Soft Sex Mix)
Dustin Beyette - 10 - Dream
Dustin Beyette - 11 - Fight (The Wrong Man)
Dustin Beyette - 12 - Elevator Music
Dustin Beyette - 13 - Thirteen (Feat. Josh Kanter)
Dustin Beyette - 14 - Worm (Piano and String Mix)
Dustin Beyette - 15 - The Rise of an Italian
Dustin Beyette - 16 - Finesse In Her Pants

Dustin Beyette - 17 - Robot Love (Soft)
Dustin Beyette - 18 - Le Tah V4

Dustin Beyette - 19 - The Fall of the Coward
Dustin Beyette - 20 - The Rise of the Homie
Dustin Beyette - 21 - That Damn Splinter in my Face
Dustin Beyette - 22 - Robot Love (Full Band Mix)
Dustin Beyette - 23 - Highway
Dustin Beyette - 24 - neveS
Dustin Beyette - 25 - Death Dies
Dustin Beyette - 26 - Final Medley