Million-Faced Man (single)



Technical Details The first single from the 14-song album, "Change". Available as a one song download on "all the popular online stores" or a physical CD with four bonus remixes: "a down-tempo laid-back ambient groove, a ferociously loud and thumping drum and bass version, an gothic-industrial overcast, and a percussive, lively acoustic deconstruction." The physical release with the remixes was officially made available on June 29, 2009 at the 7-Eleven Beyette worked at on Brighton Ave, Portland, Maine. Behind the million faces The song was not released as a showcase for Beyette's "virtuoso music skills" but rather released as a single because of it's initial public appeal to the name and the words. The vagueness of the lyrics brought separate visions to each listener who would come up what they thought the song was about. While a lot of Beyette's songs were not vague at all, "but personal and specifically about general things", Beyette enjoyed this new reaction to an abstract song. Along with all the concepts that "Million-Faced Man" would and could describe, Beyette has not been public about the song's actual meaning. [ THIS ALBUM IS SOLD AT BULLMOOSE LOCATIONS IN THE GREATER PORTLAND AREA ! ]

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Dustin Beyette - 01 - Million-Faced Man

Dustin Beyette - 02 - Million-Faced Man (Chill Mix)
Dustin Beyette - 03 - Million-Faced Man (M.F.M_D.N.B_R.M.X)
Dustin Beyette - 04 - Million-Faced Man (Dark Mix)
Dustin Beyette - 05 - Million-Faced Man (Acoustic Mix)