Music Video Postponed :-( New Remixes!! :-D WANT FREE MUSIC??? :-D

Music Video Postponed :-(
The aforementioned music video from the upcoming Beyette album, "Growth" has been postponed, due to legalities and quality-control concerns, my friends and fans are going to have to wait, but as you'll soon see, it will all be worth it.

Fresh Remixes
On the flip side though, there are some new remixes that I've posted from "Change" songs that you might enjoy. If you think they are awesome, do Beyette a favor and share them with your friends!!! [ LISTEN TO REMIXES ]

Free Tunes
Are you a user on There are a few mp3s that you can cop from the last two discs. If you click on the discs, "Change" and "Million-Faced Man" you'll see some songs with a direct download link. [ FREE MP3S ]

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